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Selasa, 26 Desember 2017

Your Facebook Offer Is Waiting sAj

Congrats! You've Been Selected For Facebook Rewards

This email is in response to your recent request for a new password for your EM:RAP account. Your password has not yet been changed. Please click on the following link and follow the steps to change your account password. Clicking on this link will take you to a page that requires you to enter in and confirm a new password. Once you have chosen and confirmed your new password you will be taken to your account page. Why did I get this email? When someone forgets their password the best way for us to verify their identity is to send an email to the address listed in their account. By clicking on the link above you are verifying that you requested a new password for your account. I did not request a new password: If you did not request a new password from EM:RAP then someone may have accidentally entered your email when requesting a new password. Have no fear! Your account information is safe. Simply ignore this email and continue using your existing password.

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